October 17, 2021

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World-class technology center opens in Rome

A new technology center called Innovare will open the minds of scientists and engineers from around the world and locally. The goal of the center is to get industry, government, and academic minds to collaborate and develop new technologies. President/CEO Griffiss Institute Heather Hage spoke about the kind of work being done at the lab. 

“So this is the kind of stuff that helps our communications move fast. Helps us compute things faster than we ever have before. You know do massive calculations, with massive datasets that we could never do before, and helps us also to communicate in such a way that is encrypted, so we can’t be surveilled by others, which is of critical importance.”

These technologies will help with everything from national security to household electronics.

“Some of the best examples of where we see Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives are really the technologies all around us. They’re in here (Apple watch), they’re in our phones, they’re in our Alexa’s that we have in our house. They’re really all around us.”

The center not only focuses the greatest minds to come up with new innovations, but develop and market the technologies. Innovare hopes to have 100 new start-up companies up and running in the next 5 years.

“The most innovative, the most diverse teams do the best work. Produce the greatest outcomes. So part of the vision here is that we can bring those diverse teams together, leverage those cutting edge, and truly cutting-edge laboratories that we have downstairs, and then move that through a business environment that moves quickly to deliver technology solutions out to the market.”

The County has invested around $8 million renovating the building. Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente is expecting this concept to bring a considerable return on that investment.

“It’s about more development, more research, and that leads to more jobs, and so we’ve seen so many great spin-off companies that have come as a result of Rome Lab.”

To learn more about Innovare:  www.innovare.org

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