August 5, 2020

Hooda Maths

Your Technology Informations

We’ll fix this, inshallah

As more and more people start to work from home in response to the pandemic, this pilot fish tech consultant is mainly dealing with remote-connectivity issues, like accessing LAN resources over the VPN.

And that’s the case with the employee of one client that fish is helping, but as fish’s remote support software is downloading, the guys says, “We may have a little problem to solve first.”

The little problem is clear to fish as soon as the user’s screen comes up. “Why,” fish asks, “is your screen all in Arabic?”

The answer is that he is taking classes at a local college to learn the language, and he wanted to modify his machine to allow a secondary Arabic keyboard, which would allow him to write papers for class in Arabic. But instead he converted his machine to Arabic as the first language.

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