Anti Spam E-mail Accounts


Spam has evolved through the proliferation of e-mail accounts and Internet worldwide. Since mailing e-mails is free and easy, sending spam in the form of unsolicited e- mails to multiple recipients advertising a service or product is on the rise. However, spamming is recognized as a hindrance and annoyance by many and so finding ways to eliminate spam altogether, or at least block it, is a main effort of many. Yet, fighting spam is difficult because spammers have created their own computer world of host computers and methods for spamming e-mail accounts. So, if you want to fight spam then you have to be smart and responsive.

One of the first

things you should do if you have not already is to set up filters on your computer. These filters will block certain e-mail addresses from entering your inbox and will help you eliminate spam. However, if you … Read the rest