Modern Carbon Capture Technology Technology Into Useful Compounds

The Foundation of Modern Carbon Capture Technology Carbon capture technology is a process that captures CO2 and converts it into other useful compounds.

The innovation first emerged in the 1970’s and today there are twenty-one offices worldwide. This is a crucial measure in the fight against environmental change. The goal is to limit global warming to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit. The process produces a highly concentrated carbon monoxide stream 2 that can be carried to the storage area. In theory, the entire gas flow would have to be transported underground, but this does not make sense due to the high energy and transport costs. Therefore, it is very important to generate an almost pure carbon monoxide-2 stream for transport.

Fortunately, many industrial centers already use carbon monoxide 2 as part of their cleaning processes. Carbon dioxide can be stored in two ways: geological storage or pipelines. Geological reservoirs can store CO2 … Read the rest