May 17, 2022

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Product Review on the pHin Smart Water Monitor

If you have ever been concerned about your hot tub, pool, or spa — worry...

If you have ever been concerned about your hot tub, pool, or spa — worry no more. pHin is a smart water monitor with an app that measures temperature, sanitizer, and pH levels over 1000 times each week. You will receive an analysis of the data on your app so that you can make adjustments if necessary.

pHin Smart Water Monitor
pHin Smart Water Monitor

pHin Smart Water Monitor

The pHin app reminds you what day to do your monthly test strip test to determine your water’s cyanuric acid, total water hardness and total alkalinity level. You will quickly receive a detailed water report with any information you need for actionable adjustments. This system takes away the need to test strip every time you use your pool.

Cyanuric acid

Cyanuric acid is a chlorine stabilizer and buffers the pools. Cyanuric acid binds to free chlorine and releases it slowly and extends the time needed for each sanitizer dose.

pH Levels

When the total alkalinity is too low; pH is unstable and your pool won’t be properly sanitized and non-corrosive (both important to me!). So, pH measures the acidity of the chemical stuff in your pool. The alkalinity is the opposite of acidity. Watching the pH levels impact the sanitizing ability of the chlorine.

In terms of a pool — you want these levels to be correct the the pHin Smart Water Monitor makes sure your water is safe and clean.

Have Safe and Secure Pool Time

pHin Smart Water Monitor
Product Review pHin Smart Water Monitor

Years ago I had a dramatic and traumatic experience in a hot tub. I didn’t know that these pools could be dangerous for your health!

We were at a business meeting. Yes, a meeting sitting in a cool, tepid-hot-tub at an Airbnb. I also didn’t know that the temperature mattered. I said, “This is the coldest “hot tub” I’ve ever been in.” Everyone laughed and one of the people hopped out and turned up the heat.

See — a wise person would have checked the pool before they got in — I didn’t know that. Don’t ever get in a cold or unfamiliar hot tub or pool. Hotels are vigilant and regulated as regards hot tubs, pools and spas. Other places not so much.

I came out with a rash and other issues that took nearly a year — and many doctor visits to clear up. Don’t do that to your Airbnb renters — stick in a pHin.

My Hot Tub and Pool — I use pHin

From my sad experience, I became wise. Interesting how we can wise up so quickly. I check every pool I enter — every time. COVID stopped my travel for a while, but things are starting to open up now.

Before I rent a place, anywhere, I call the owner and suggest a cleaning for the pool and a pHin monitor. If I see a pHin Monitor in the hotel or beach house pool — I relax because I know from experience that the pool is good to go.

You’ll like the sleek and techie look of this little monitor.

The Chemistry

pHin Smart Water Monitor levels
pHin Smart Water Monitor levels

I don’t know all the ins and outs of the chemistry in pools and spas no matter how much my doctor has said or how much I have read up on the “chemistry-level issues.” But feel secure in the knowledge that pHin understands the delicate nature of the correct balance in your water and having your pools safe.

I have zero problems with having friends over on the weekend (even babies and children) because I know my pHin will take care of us — and immediately alert me if there is a problem.

The pHin 24/7 Smart Water Monitor

The pHin monitors your water every day seven days a week — there is no guesswork in your pool and hot tub maintenance. Hop in and enjoy — even all winter!

Simple and user-friendly

Anyone who knows my reviews knows that I can only handle user-friendly, easy install products.

The pHin Smart Water Monitor works with all systems — chlorine, bromine and salt water-based pools. You get automatic notifications that let you know everything is okay, or that you have to take action.

Hop on their site and take a look at the water reports, dosing recommendations, etc.

Image Credit: the pHin Smart Water Monitor site

Top Image Credit: andrea picquadio; pexels; thank you!

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