August 5, 2020

Hooda Maths

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Imminent iMac launch rumors doubted by prominent leaker

A prominent leaker has cast doubt on rumors that a 2020 iMac update will take place this week, instead suggesting that the product refresh is more likely to take place in August, though without any major redesigns.

Over the weekend, a tweet from a relatively unknown leaker started circulating, putting forward the claim that Apple was preparing to launch a new iMac “this week.” The tweet from @Soybeys also went further, suggesting the launch itself could happen earlier in the period, on the Monday.A second tweet from another leaker, @Jioriku, added to the iMac rumors by writing “The iMac redesign is not coming for this 10th-generation Intel refresh. They are saving it for their own silicon,” referencing Apple Silicon.

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