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Whether you are looking for something techie for your dad or hubby — here are...

Whether you are looking for something techie for your dad or hubby — here are some items to choose from. Sometimes I pick something techie to “upgrade” my dad a little — but I try not to be too pushy.

A week from Sunday — June 20, 2021 — is Father’s Day.

Whatever your gift choices are this year — please remember your good ole dad on his special day.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Techie

1. Tonal

tonal workout
Tonal full-body workout for yourself or dad.

One cool thing about Tonal for this father’s day is that you get an exclusive gift for father’s day — A set of Powerbeats Pro — from Beats by Dre. Sweet.

Okay, so I got one of these full-body workouts for myself — then dad saw it and said he wanted one. Now all the sibs are going in on one of these for dad this year.

Even mom likes it because it doesn’t take up the whole house. The Tonal workout is designed to help you get optimal results in the time you workout. The machine has more than 170 moves and 200 pounds of resistance. The technology takes the guesswork out of your workout.

If you want to bulk up — you can. If you want to get lean — you can. You get a coach for everybody to help you achieve your goals. The Tonal coaches guide you from the beginning of your workouts — to your strongest self.

2. TrackingFox

tracking fox car tracker
Tracking Fox great for yourself or dad.

This is a great little car tracker. You can feel safe about your vehicle 24/7 — or — you know, feel safe about your teenagers’ usage of your car. My friend really liked this little gadget — and I’ll be forever grateful that my dad didn’t have this fantastic little beauty when I was a kid.

The TrackingFox works with all car makes and models manufactured since 1996. It’s tiny and easy to install (less than one minute) on a car.

Great for business or personal use.  Real-time tracking and history — anti-theft alerts — driving behavior analysis. You’ll love it.

3. MEATER Block

The Meater Block — perfect gift for yourself or dad.

The Meater Block is state-of-the-art technology combined with a fantastic passion for mouth-watering perfectly cooked food. The Meater has a long-range Bluetooth to WiFi connection. It comes with four probes and dual temperature sensors in each probe that checks on the internal temperature of meat — up to 212*F and ambient (external temp of up to 527*F simultaneously.

The guided cook system walks you through each step of the cooking process so that you will have guaranteed perfect results.

We used this Meater Block last weekend with really great results. We asked each person how they wanted their meat cooked — with four different types of meats — and the results were totally reliable and consistent. I really love this product.


Fluidstance balance board for standing at a desk.

The Fluidstance balance board is for standing at your desk while working. We mostly use this board while on breaks, or if anyone is talking or in a meeting, they stand on the balance.

I seriously wish that people of advanced age would get one of these, hold on to the counter for balance and then work on their balance. As I use this board — I’ve committed that I’ll use this every day for the rest of my life. It feels like you are building brainpower. I wish there was a study on that.

Made of premium maple wood on the top deck and military-grade aluminum to die-cast for the stylish base. We all love this board.

You will love love love the Fluidstance. I took this to the office, and everyone complained when I took it home. Finally, I bought another one, so there is one at the office and one at home.

5. NOMATIC Messenger bag

NOMATIC Messenger Bag
NOMATIC Messenger Bag

If you don’t want all of your office stuff snarled and in the bottom of your bag — get a Nomatic messenger bag—a pure delight. You’ll have a place for everything, it’s padded, and your items are protected without being heavy or bulky. I’ve taken this bag and all my gear over a weekend and everything fit — a little crowded — but all in.

There is space for your computer, chargers, cords, papers, phone and headphones. The messenger bag has a convertible carry option or customizable organization. You can fit a day’s worth of clothes in here besides your office equipment — and still be lightweight.

I like the RFID safe pocket and all the compartments.

6. TFD — Peloton — The Pivot

peloton pivot
TFD Peloton Pivot

I sent for this screen, and it came really fast — like two days. The screen is black anodized for a sleek look that blends into the bike. The screen turns 360* and is easy to install. You can install video or YouTube or whatever you want on your screen.

I like that you can do a before and after stretch between your Peloton bike ride. Easily turn the screen around for your stretch — then back for your ride. When you are serious about sticking with your Peloton ride, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to fuss around with your Peloton monitor screen.

The monitor is big enough — but not too big, so it fits in our office comfortably.

7. PoolCandy — Motorized Pool Loungers

poolcandy motorized pool loungers
PoolCandy — Motorized Pool Loungers

You can’t stop laughing when you see these loungers. I call them “escape from the ‘dang-blasted’s.’” So, you’re lying there in the pool on your lounger — reading a good book — actual paper — and someone has to bug you. They can’t resist themselves.

No worries — preemptively start moving out of range when the “dang-blasted” comes into view, and you’ll always be safe. Yeah — ya gotta have one of the motorized ones. They blow up in seconds (really, seconds), and they are FUN.

I can’t believe how many of these products we have ordered and loved. The Safari collection is fun — leopard print (my kids call snake print). But our fav is all the glitter toys — Rainbow Unicorn Glitter Tube, Elephant Glitter Tube — but if you really want a little fun — get the Jumbo T-Rex pool tube. Why, yes — I DO like to hear kids scream.

8. Afloia Smart Air Purifier

afloia air purifier
Afloia Air Purifier, Father’s Day gift

The Afloria Smart Air Purifier for the home is a large air purifier covering about 1000 square feet. This is a three-stage filtration system that removed odors, smoke, and pet dander. It is a true HEPA filter air purifier — meaning that it removes 99.99{e42d0b28ef10c9e877e6149591e20fc917da2051a77b126dd227f59de55e8f58} of particles.  I like that you can put this filter on “light sleep mode” — even though it was still really silent — even for us, it was plenty quiet at night.

This air purifier can clean out 500 square feet in about 15 min. You’ll want to replace the air filter about every 3-6 months. I live right by the freeway — and mine didn’t give the warning light until about seven months. You’ll really want this filter if you live with a smoker.

9. Govee Glide Wall Light

Govee Glide Wall Light
Govee Glide Wall Light — you’ll love it

Govee creates a high-quality LED light and works as a smart home device. Govee really strives to provide you with groundbreaking products that help illuminate your greatest moments in dynamic color.

I love how great this looked at our outdoor party. And now that COVID is opening up — we just used this a few weeks ago at an event that the light was epic. We practically sold this product ourselves. I wish I had stock in this product.

Hope on this site and look at the holiday light displays — and look at the Govee on Instagram. It is a blast to use these lights, and the Insta site gave us many ideas for future usage.

Gotta show you one more pic — everyone loves this light. A neighbor stopped and knocked at my door and asked what the light is — that is always emanating from my living room. Take a look at this awesome light:

Govee Glide Lights
Govee Glide Lights

10 Flexispot Sit2Go Fitness Chair

Lastly on this list is this Flexispot sit2go fitness chair — but maybe it should have been first. We all use this chair almost daily. The best is that you can wheel this chair in place at your desk, and then someone else at the office can wheel the chair over to their desk for a turn.

We have other sit/stand and exercise options in the office, but they are really stationary. We like this because it’s movable. Everyone can use it without changing desks. I like it because it is smooth riding and you can still work without being distracted.

I’m getting one for my dad so that he can ride while talking with people or watching TV. Dad doesn’t like to have a full riding bike at home — they are too big. The peeps at the office like this chair as well, because it fits under the desk nicely.

You can also put the chair down and use it as a regular chair — it’s really comfortable, sturdy, and good-looking.


Whatever you do in the next week — take time to get something for dad. All of these options are easy to order and fast ship. Let me know what you or your dad thinks of these techie options? Let me know if you like to have the former gift guide included?

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