August 11, 2020

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Apple CEO Tim Cook to refute App Store criticism in House testimony

Apple CEO Tim Cook in a prepared opening statement to be read at a U.S. House antitrust hearing on Wednesday denies that his company participates in anticompetitive behavior, adding that it does “not have a dominant market share in any market where we do business.”

Cook plans to position Apple as “uniquely American company” that abides by the rules, according to prepared testimony seen by Bloomberg.Apple’s Cook is expected to be grilled by lawmakers on a number of subjects, including the App Store. Over the past few weeks, a growing chorus of developers has openly criticized the company over its revenue sharing policies, which take 15% or 30% of in-app purchases and store proceeds. Last month, David Cicilline, chair of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Antitrust, called Apple’s slice of App Store sales “highway robbery,” setting the stage for a bruising debate.

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