Alarm System Keeps You Safe

Did you know that a security system will not prevent burglars from entering your home? If someone really wants to break into your house, they will find a way to do it. Thieves know the different types of systems and how they work. You also know how to work around that. There are basically two types of home security systems.

Everything is controlled by an alarm system

One type, called a monitored system, notifies the central notification center once the alarm has been turned off, and that center then checks on the homeowner to see if everything is okay with the call. The call center is alerted via a telephone line. Clever thieves find exposed telephone wires outside and cut them. This way the information center is never alerted and thieves can enter the house. One of the downsides of a monitored system is that even after the alarm goes off, a burglar still has time to break into your home, steal some valuables, and escape undetected.

This can happen as the security company usually waits around 30-45 seconds after setting the alarm before calling the landlord to get the correct password. You’ve waited so long for the homeowner to disable the alarm if it’s a false alarm. If the surveillance company doesn’t get the correct password or the phone goes unanswered, they’ll call the police. When the police arrived, at least 1-2 minutes had passed. Experienced thieves can steal some of your valuables in no time.

Another type of alarm system is one that makes loud siren-like noises inside and outside the home to alert neighbors. This is known as an unmonitored system. The responsibility for contacting the authorities then lies with your neighbor. With this type of alarm system, it’s also a good idea to include flashing lights so people know where the alarm is coming from. The advantage of such a system is that thieves are often deterred when sirens and lights start blaring. Your goal is to get loot in and out unnoticed. This is very difficult after the alarm is turned off. The disadvantage of this type of alarm is that your neighbors must be at home and ready to interfere by calling the authorities. This type of alarm is also not intended for those who live in remote rural areas or whose neighbors are not around.

However, if you are interested in installing an alarm system in your home, there are a few things you need to consider when looking for the right alarm system.

Cost – The cost of a security system is around $1,000. If you choose to monitor, there is an additional monthly fee for this service.

Package – Make sure your package includes the following: control panel, keypad, siren, indoor and outdoor motion detectors, and door and window contacts. You can add other accessories to your pack, but to set up a good system, the items listed above must be included.
Licensing Etc – Get referrals and referrals from any company you may want to work with. See how quickly they can install your system after purchase. You don’t want to hire a company that sells their system faster than they install it.

Be sure to find out about their warranty.

Ask about their installer screening process. Installers must conduct a criminal background check.

Contact your police department to find out their response time to home security alarms. You will be surprised by their answers. Also, check if there are any fines associated with false alarms.

Nothing replaces good old-fashioned security and intelligence. Lock your doors and windows when the house is empty, leave the lights on inside and outside, and keep valuables in a very safe place – maybe even outside the house.